Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Biodiesel in the Spotlight at the Vermont State House - 9/22/04

This Wednesday, September 22, 2004 the Vermont State House will play host to a regional conference on the future of biodiesel in Vermont.

The conference will provide an opportunity to learn more about biodiesel – what it is, where it comes from, what its benefits are – and will offer attendees the chance to meet with regional biodiesel producers. There will also be a series of discussions on issues and challenges facing the production and use of biodiesel in Vermont and what steps policy makers should be taking to support this new Vermont industry

The conference is sponsored by a wide range of organizations and state agencies, including among others, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, the Northeast Regional Biomass Program; the Vermont Biofuels Association; the Vermont Agency of Agriculture; the Vermont Agency of Transportation; and the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.

As we noted in our previous post on this issue, efforts to support biodiesel use and production in Vermont stalled last year in the State house. The benefits of enacting state incentives for production and use of biodiesel in Vermont, however, could be huge – more jobs, increased agricultural markets, decreased reliance on foreign fuel, and improved air quality. Vermont is well behind the curve on this issue, and its high time for the state to step up to the plate with some innovative ideas that will help Vermont take the lead in this rapidly expanding field.

The Times Argues has this report on the conference. You can also get more information from the sponsors.

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