Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Public Wants Green Power - and There's Not Enough to Go Around

The Tennessean reported over the weekend that the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) simply doesn't have enough green power to meet its customers' demands. According to the report, 7189 residential customers and over 300 businesses voluntarily paid a premium on their electric bill in 2003 to purchase green power, but TVA was more than 11 million KWh short of the total green energy needed to meet that demand.

The shortfall forced TVA to suspend plans for a new advertising campaign to market its green energy program. TVA is waiting for a new 27 MW wind power facility to come on-line this year. Once active, the wind energy will push TVA back into the black on green energy, providing a 36 million KWh surplus over current green energy demands.

According to rules established by the Center for Resource Solutions, the national green power accrediting organization, TVA has one year to make up the green-power supply deficit. Power Engineering reports that 5 of 15 the new wind turbines were brought on-line yesterday, with the remaining 10 turbines expected to come on line before the end of the year.

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