Friday, October 22, 2004

Residents Voice Opposition to Proposal to Site Wind Gauge on Gardner Mountain in Lyman, New Hampshire

The Caledonian-Record reported yesterday on local opposition to a proposal to place a wind measurement tower on Gardner Mountain in Lyman, NH. UPC Wind Partners, LLC of Newton, Mass. plans to place a 160-foot tower on the mountain to measure wind speeds, in hopes of potentially developing a wind farm at the site. The Lyman Zoning Board of Adjustment held a public hearing to consider the issue of whether or the project should be granted a zoning variance. The town of Lyman zoning ordinance limits structures to 35 feet.

The Caledonian-Record reports that strong opposition was expressed by the majority of public hearing attendees, including Brian Santy, a farmer whose land is at the base of Gardner Mountain. Mr. Santy presented the board with a petition signed by 160 residents opposing the variance request. According to the article, UPC officials indicated that they would relocate the project if town citizens voted against the project: "One Lyman resident asked Timothy Caffyn if UPC would be willing to commit themselves to accepting the majority opinion of the residents of Lyman and withdraw a plan to build wind towers if it was not supported by a majority of the voters. Caffyn replied "absolutely, yes" to the question, explaining UPC would just go somewhere else if Lyman residents opposed a wind farm."

The Board has continued the public hearing until Nov. 4 at 6 p.m.

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