Thursday, November 18, 2004

Pennsylvania Senate Approves Bill Implementing RPS Standard

The Pennsylvania Senate voted to approve legislation that would implement a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) in the state. The bill, which passed 31-15 would require utilities to provide 18% of their electricity from alternative sources by 2020. The state currently generates approximately 10% of its power from renewable sources. has more on the story as does Greenwire (subscription required).

Pennsylvania would become the 18th state to adopt an RPS, joining Colorado, whose voters recently adopted an RPS via a ballot initiative. Pennsylvania, however, would be the first of those 18 states to include "waste coal" in the definition of renewable energy, which isn't surprising given that Pa. currently ranks third in the nation in terms of coal-fired electricity generation, and that, according to the Pennlive article, over 240 millions tons of it "currently sit on the state's landscape."

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