Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Rutland Herald Speaks Out in Support of Wind Energy Development and Current Regulatory Review Process

The Rutland Herald editorial board speaks out this morning in support of wind energy development in Vermont, and in support of the current regulatory review process for wind energy projects. While acknowledging that the aesthetic impact of wind projects can raise serious concerns, the Herald expressed its support for the Commission on Wind Energy Regulatory Policy's recent recommendation to maintain the current regulatory review process. Even if wind energy only ultimately accounts for 10-15% of Vermont's energy mix, the Herald editorial board, like many Vermonters, believes that contribution to be an important one for Vermont's energy future:
One thing the sight of wind mills would say is that Vermont is seriously interested in taking on the challenges of the energy crisis. . . . Finding a way to provide 10 percent of our power from a source as benign as wind, in combination with hydropower, energy efficiency and other progressive measures, would help the state take part in an energy transformation that is coming whether we like it or not.
The Herald also has this report on the Commission's final public hearing last night in Montpelier.

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