Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Wind Energy Cooperatives to Produce Electricity and Hydrogen for the Residential, Commercial and Transportation Industry Nationwide

From Yahoo News via Alternative Energy Stocks comes this interesting tidbit: "U.S. Wind Farming, Inc. plans to install the "Next Generation" of Integrated Renewable Energy Systems utilizing Decentralized Hydrogen Technology. "

U.S. Wind Farming apparently plans to incorporate wind turbines (produced by GE) and hydrogen production/pressurization/storage and dispensing equipment installed by Stuart Energy into one integrated system. The system is designed to enable rural communities to market both electricity and hydrogen fuel, generating electricity during peak load times (when electricity prices are highest), and then using electricity from the turbines to produce hydrogen fuel during off-peak times. According to the company press release, the system will allow U.S. Wind Farming "to establish Wind Energy Electricity/Hydrogen Cooperatives nationwide in areas previously thought to not be viable candidates for wind energy development because of reduced wind velocities."

Initial sites under consideration for development are located in California, Hawaii, Nebraska, North Carolina, New York, Tennessee, Oregon, Colorado, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota and Iowa.

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