Friday, December 03, 2004

Wind Energy Slow to Reach New Hampshire

The Littleton Courier has an article this morning on wind energy in NH. Unlike Vermont, wind power has not made much progress in NH. According to a recent Governmental Accountability Office report, NH has only 0.1 MW of wind generating capacity to VT's 11.0 MW. As the article points out, the state of NH takes a much less active role than the state of VT in locating and reviewing wind projects. But the state is working on model planning ordinances that could be used by local planning boards to address siting issues:

"Consideration is underway to create a document to help planning and zoning boards with [the issues of locating] renewable energies,” said [Joe Broyles, the Energy Program Manager at NH's Office of Energy & Planning]. While the OEP does not currently have statewide ordinances, Broyles added that OEP was working on a model planning ordinance for energy technologies, which could be used by communities throughout the state."

NH also does not have a Renewable Portfolio Standard, which is currently driving wind power development next-door in Maine.

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