Friday, December 03, 2004

Wind Turbines Without Support Towers?

Check out this interesting new concept (via the Wind Turbines Blog):
Briza Technologies has patented a hovering wind turbine that does not require a support tower.

Although, the site does not give much in the way of details, it appears that the technology consists of multiple small turbines mounted to a common sail and tethered to the ground.

Briza claims that their system allows a cost savings due to the elimination of the tower. They also claim that their turbines can take advantage of higher altitude winds, and with the smaller turbines, their system can operate at higher wind speeds.
Briza doesn't say much about what happens when the wind doesn't blow. Obviously a work in progress, with some interesting potential, although its not clear that the new technology would necessarily offer any advantages with respect to the more controversial wind turbine siting issues, such as wildlife impacts and aesthetics.

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