Tuesday, January 11, 2005

State Legislative Update: Round-up of Recently Proposed Legislation for Biofuel Incentives

A quick update with links to recently proposed legislation for biofuel incentives across the U.S.:

Connecticut House Bill 5015: An act "to exempt users of 80/20 blend bio-diesel fuel from one-half of the state sales tax for purchases of such fuel."

Kentucky House Bill 57 (H.B. 57): "Provides nonrefundable tax credits to producers, blenders and retailers of biodiesel fuel; limits total credits available each year for each category to $ 1,000,000; encourage use of biodiesel blend in state-owned vehicles and equipment."

New Hampshire House Bill 152 (HB 0152): "This bill requires heating oil sellers to purchase biodiesel. This bill also establishes biodiesel development grants for the purpose of increasing the amount of biodiesel produced in New Hampshire."

Vermont Senate Bill 13 (S.13): "This bill proposes to exempt alternative fuel vehicles from the motor vehicle purchase and use tax, an exemption that would expire on July 1, 2007. It also proposes to create a program within the state infrastructure bank to provide low interest or interest free loans to facilitate the constructing, converting, and acquiring of publicly available recharging and refueling infrastructure for alternative fuel vehicles"

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