Wednesday, January 26, 2005

State Legislative Update: Round-up of Recently Proposed Legislation for Biofuel Incentives

A quick update with links to recently proposed legislation for biofuel incentives across the U.S.:

Connecticut House Bill 5340 (H.B. 5340): Bill to increase the use of biodiesel fuel blends through tax incentives.

Connecticut House Bill 5568 (H.B. 5568): Bill to classify biodiesel as a Class I renewable energy source.

Connecticut Senate Bill 598 (S.B 598): Provides tax exemptions for new motor vehicles powered by biodiesel fuel and for equipment associated with converting vehicles to use biodiesel fuel.

Idaho Senate Bill 1004
(S.1004): Adds to existing law to provide that, beginning on April 1, 2010, gasoline for motor vehicle use sold in Idaho must be blended with at least ten percent by volume agriculturally derived denatured ethanol.

Illinois House Bill 112 (HB0112): Amends the Illinois Vehicle Code and the State Finance Act. Provides that, beginning January 1, 2006, all diesel powered vehicles owned or operated by the State, any county or unit of local government, any school board, or any State College or University must use a blend containing at least 50% biodiesel fuel.

Maine Bill LD197: Reduces dependence on fossil fuels by advancing biodiesel use. This bill requires that all facilities owned by the State that consume heating oil use biodiesel fuel. This bill also requires state-owned motor vehicles that use diesel fuels to use biodiesel fuel.

Maine Bill LD305: An Act to encourage the use of clean fuel wehicles.

Maine Bill LD308: An Act Extend the tax credit for clean fuel infrastructure development.

New York Senate Bill 643 (S643): An Act to amend the energy law and the public authorities law, in relation to the availability of alternative fuels along the New York state thruway. Provides each recommended alternative fuel at least every one hundred twenty miles on both sides of thruway; defines "alternative fuel".

Oklahoma House Bill 1398 (HB1398): Relates to revenue and taxation; authorizing tax credits for certain bio diesel facilities; provides for transferability of credit; defines terms; specifies amount of tax credits; povides procedures; sets certain limitations; provides for applications.

Oklahoma House Bill 1441 (HB1441): Relates to revenue and taxation; amends Section 1, Chapter 385, O.S.L.2003 (68 O.S. Supp. 2004, Section 2357.66), which relates to tax credits for ethanol facilities; expands credit to include certain biofuel facilities; defines term; provides an effective date.

Oklahoma Senate Bill 363 (SB363): Relates to biofuels ; creates the Oklahoma Biofuels Development Act; states Legislative findings; states uses of Oklahoma -produced biofuels; creates the Oklahoma Biofuels Development Advisory Committee.

Links to more proposed state biofuel incentives are available in our first State Legislative Update on biofuels.

Check back tomorrow for a round-up of proposed state legislation related to Wind Energy.

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