Friday, January 28, 2005

State Legislative Update: Round-up of Recently Proposed Legislation Related to Wind Energy

A quick update with links to recently proposed state legislation related to wind energy:

Maine LD 197: Exempts alternative power systems, including solar, wind and hydroelectric generators, from property tax.

Minnesota House Bill 218 (H.B. 218): Extends eligibility to receive the renewable energy production incentive under certain circumstances relevant to wind power facilities.

Montana Senate Bill 115 (S.B 115): Creates new "wind generation facility" property tax class and proposes taxing property at 1.5% of market value; provides local governments authority to impose additional impact fees (for more on this legislation, see our previous post on the topic).

New Jersey Senate Bill 2174 (S.B. 2174): Imposes moratorium on construction of wind turbines in State coastal waters (for more on this legislation, see our previous post on the topic).

New Jersey Assembly Bill 3741 (A.B. 3741): Requires Department of Environmental Protection adopt regulations for the siting of wind farms that minimize environmental impact.

New York Senate Bill 155 (S.B. 155): An Act to amend the parks, recreation and historic preservation law, in relation to the construction of wind energy production facilities (note: to view text of NY bills you must re-enter the bill # in the search box after clicking the link above).

New York Assembly Bill 397 (A.B. 397): An Act to amend the tax law, in relation to establishing a credit against tax for wind electric generating equipment installed on farm property.

North Dakota House Bill 1385 (H.B. 1385): Relates to pricing of electricity generated from wind resources.

North Dakota House Bill 1481 (H.B 1481): Relates to a credit for installation of geothermal, solar, or wind energy devices under the simplified method of computing income tax.

Oklahoma Senate Bill 649 (S.B. 649): Relates to renewable energy; states legislative intent for continuation of funding for the Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative; outlines goals;

South Dakota Senate Bill 17 (S.B. 17): Revises certain provisions concerning the authority of the Public Utilities Commission with regard to wind energy facilities.

Virginia Senate Bill 1011 (S.B 1011): Provides that generating equipment of electric suppliers utilizing wind turbines shall be taxed at property tax rates that when applied to fair market value would generate an amount of revenue approximately equal to $ 3,000 per megawatt of production capacity.

Virginia Senate Joint Resolution 334 (S.J.R. 334): Establishes a joint subcommittee to study wind energy development in the commonwealth.

Washington House Bill 1021 (H.B. 1021): An Act relating to small wind permitting standards.

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