Wednesday, January 19, 2005

UC Davis Hydrogen Researchers Brief Senate on the Future of Hydrogen

Fuel Cell Works has an article today on last week's Senate briefing from members of the UC Davis Hydrogen Pathways Research Program in the Institute of Transportation Studies on the future of fuel cell vehicles and ITS' efforts to build a hydrogen economy.

The Hydrogen Pathways research program is considered one of the leading research programs in the world for the study of issues related to a transition to hydrogen as a transportation fuel. Researchers told members of the Senate Caucus on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells that current federal funding for energy research is insufficient to solve the country's future energy problems and they outlined their efforts to work with federal and state governments to increase funding for necessary research.

ITS Director Daniel Sperling emphasized that, "the most important incentive the federal government can provide Americans today is a reason to care, a reason to make a change away from petroleum-based fuels," and he called on Congress "to initiate a sustained national conversation about why we would want to shift away from petroleum and to something like hydrogen."

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