Tuesday, February 08, 2005

2006 Budget Proposal: Big Increases in Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Spending

Green Car Congress has an excellent post that breaks down President Bush's new budget request from an energy supply perspective.

The big increases at DOE in nuclear & fossil fuel expenditures should come as no surprise - coal research up 261% (from $221 to $798M), nuke research up almost 40% (from $288M to $402M).

Renewable energy technologies made out with comparatively meager increases, particularly considering the total dollar amounts involved:
  • funding for wind energy supply up 2.6% (from $39M to $40M);
  • solar energy up 7.5% (from $80M to $86M);
  • geothermal up 8.3% (from $24M to $26M);
  • and hydrogen up 16.0% (from $80M to $91M).
Overall the Department of Energy's 2006 budget reflects a 2% decrease from 2005 levels, with the greatest total dollar cuts coming in "biological and environmental research" (read: no new climate change research).

A complete breakdown of the DOE line-item budget is available on-line.

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