Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Administration Publishes Report on Renewable Energy Development on Public Land

The Science Blog has a post on the Department of Interior's new report on renewable energy development on public lands:
Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton today announced the availability of a new report that highlights the Bush administration's efforts to increase interest in the development and use of renewable energy resources found on America's public lands. The 26-page report, Renewable Resources for America's Future, show that lands managed by the Department of the Interior provide 48 percent of the nation's geothermal energy, 17 percent of hydropower and close to 10 percent of the nation's wind energy production.


The report summarizes the Department's recent accomplishments in support of the president's National Energy Policy. It also explains Departmental actions taken in response to the White House Report in Response to the National Energy Policy: Recommendations to Increase Renewable Energy Production on Federal Lands. This report recommended seven actions, five of which directly relate to Interior programs and activities. The recommendations all focus on encouraging renewable energy development such as geothermal, biomass, wind, solar and hydropower on federal lands.
A copy of the Renewable Resources in America's Future report is available on DOI's website.

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