Tuesday, February 15, 2005

FAA Proposes Changes to Wind Farm Lighting Recommendations

According a recent report from Renewable Energy Access.com the FAA is proposing new lighting recommendations for wind farms:
Based on an extensive study prompted by the American Wind Energy Association and the Department of Energy, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has developed a new set of recommendations for lighting wind farms that will require fewer lights. It is hoped that the new recommendations will make wind farms less visible at night to surrounding areas, and, therefore, easier to site.

The new recommendations suggest red or white synchronized flashing strobe lights, at most one half-mile apart, around the perimeter of the wind farm. Daytime lighting and dual lighting of the turbines were both deemed unnecessary.
The new recommendations are focused on designing a lighting system that will identify the whole wind farm as one large obstruction that should be avoided, rather than a series of smaller obstructions. FAA has not yet published the new recommendations on its website, but Jim Patterson, the FAA's principle investigator, will be discussing the FAA's process and recommendations at AWEA's upcoming Wind Power Project Siting Workshop in Boston, Massachusetts, on March 8-9.

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