Friday, February 04, 2005

Geothermal Initiatives: State Legislative Update

A quick round-up of recently proposed state legislation related to geothermal energy:

Iowa Senate Bill 20 (S.B. 20): An Act relating to notice regarding the use of geothermal energy in development plans for undeveloped land.

Montana Senate Bill 340 (S.B. 340): Proposes an $1500 income tax credit for residential geothermal heating and cooling systems.

New Hampshire House Bill 185 (H.B. 185): An Act establishing a committee to study the unique nature of geothermal properties capable of supporting energy for production.

North Dakota House Bill 1481 (H.B. 1481): Relates to a credit for installation of geothermal, solar, or wind energy devices under the simplified method of computing income tax.

Rhode Island Senate Bill 37 (S.B. 37): Proposes to add geothermal energy systems to the state tax credit/refund to purchasers of certain types of renewable energy systems.

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