Monday, March 21, 2005

World Wind Energy Markets Up 20% - Solar Energy Markets Up Nearly 70%

The Global Wind Energy Council reports that world wind energy markets increased more than 20% in 2004. Over 7900 megawatts (MW) of new wind energy was installed in 2004 - bringing total world wind energy production to approximately 47,000 MW. Europe accounted for over 72% of new wind energy (5700 MW), followed by Asian markets, which installed 15.2% (1100 MW). New wind energy in the U.S. accounted for just over 6% (512 MW) of total wind power installed in 2004.

And Curt Rosengren, over at the Alternative Energy ~ Renewable Energy Blog, points to a recent Reuters article on the nearly 70% jump in world solar markets in 2004. According to the Reuters article a meager 1200 MW of new solar energy was installed in 2004, up from 750 MW in 2003. The geographic trend of growth in solar energy production tracks that of wind energy closely, with Europe (and particularly Germany) responsible for the majority of new solar energy, followed by Japan.

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