Thursday, April 06, 2006

Senators Speak Out Against Secret Effort to Torpedo Cape Wind Project.

Senators supporting renewable energy development in the U.S. spoke out yesterday against recent efforts to torpedo the Cape Wind Project with an amendment to the Coast Guard bill.

The secret legislative effort, spearheaded by Alaskan Senators Stevens and Young, seeks to add language to the Coast Guard budget bill that would give the Governor of Massachusetts unprecedented veto authority over approval of the controversial Cape Wind Project.

The secret amendment - now referred to as the Young Amendment - has been debated during close-door conference committee meetings. A vote was due on the amendment in conference committee yesterday, but has apparently been delayed

Republican Pete V. Domenici, chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico, the committee's ranking Democrat blasted the secret efforts:

''It would be folly for us in Congress to talk about breaking our addiction to foreign oil and, at the same time, pass laws that stymie our own production of clean and renewable energies here at home," Domenici said in a statement.

The Cape Cod Times has been following the Young Amendment story as well. Although it is impossible to know the exact language offered in the closed-door conference committee negotiations, a recent Cape Cod Today article linked to a pdf of what is believed to be the currently proposed text of the amendment.

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