Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New York Times Report on Tidal Turbines in the East River (video)

The New York Times has a great video report today on Verdant Power's test of tidal turbines in the East River in New York City (subscription may be required). We reported back in 2005 on efforts to get this demonstration project started. Verdant now has two turbines up and running on a platform in the East River. The test project will evaluate the turbine's potential impacts on the aquatic ecosystem, and will help assess whether the turbine can provide a stable, consistent supply of electricity. The test appears to have been successful thus far. There have been no reports of fish collisions, and the project has successfully produced power for a grocery store located next to the test site. But the demonstration has not gone without incident; one of the test turbines was apparently ripped apart in the strong tides (its not clear yet what caused the damage). Check out the video for more.

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