Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Renewable Energy News for June 13, 2007

  • Vermont Governor Jim Douglas Unveils Last-minute Alternative Energy-efficiency Plan: After vetoing the Vermont legislature's comprehensive energy-efficiency/climate change bill, Governor Jim Douglas has proposed his own energy-efficiency plan, which would encourage residents to take out home mortgages to pay for energy-efficiency improvements at home. Under the plan, the state would pay banks approximately $500,000 per year to offer low-interest loans to low-income Vermonters interesting in making such improvements. The Democratic leadership of the house, which is working to override the Governor's veto, says that the Governor's last-minute proposal doesn't solve any of the problems that their comprehensive bill (H.520) was designed to address. Vermont Public Radio has more on the Democratic lawmakers response to Governor Douglas' energy proposal. Peter Freyne, over at his Seven Days Freyne Land blog, asks ""[w]here was any mention of such a Douglas Plan in January, February, March, April or May?" The Rutland Herald also weighs in on the current dispute, explaining that Governor Douglas is struggling to play "catch up" on the energy issue, but noting that the Democrats and the Governor maybe closer on the fundamental issues than either side is willing to admit.

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