Monday, June 25, 2007

Renewable Energy News For June 25, 2007

  • Which Climate Change Policies do Americans Support?: E & E TV reports on a study conducted by New Scientist magazine, Stanford University, and Resources for the Future that takes a look at which climate policies Americans will likely support when costs are taken into account. The New Scientist study finds that Americans are willing to accept some increases in energy costs in order to address global warming, and also indicates that Americans are generally skeptical of market-based mechanisms, such as cap-and-trade systems, as compared to traditional command-and-control regulatory approaches.
  • Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund Issues Request for Proposals: The Vermont Department of Public Service has published an RFP for projects for the Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund. The Fund seeks to promote the development of cost effective and environmentally sustainable energy generation sources. The Department of Public Service is seeking grant applications for small-scale and large-scale energy projects, as well as special demonstration projects, and expects to award approximately $2.5 million in funding for projects around Vermont. The deadline for submitting applications is July9, 2007.

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