Monday, June 11, 2007

Renewable Energy News forJune 11, 2007

  • Reinventing Kyoto:The LA Times on climate change, Kyoto, and carbon trading vs. carbon tax:
What's needed is a new, improved version of Kyoto that brings India and China onboard and commits them to "grow green," but still leaves the tougher cuts up to those nations better able to make them, such as the U.S., Canada, Japan and Europe. A better treaty would scrap the unworkable carbon-trading scheme and instead impose new taxes on carbon-based fuels. As recently explained in the first installment of this series, carbon taxes avoid many of the pitfalls of carbon trading. They would produce an equal incentive for every nation to clean up without relying on arbitrary dates or caps, or transferring money from one nation to another. They're also much less subject to corruption because they give governments an incentive to monitor and crack down on polluters (the tax money goes to the government, so the government wins by keeping polluters honest).
  • A Less Than Harmonic Convergence in Vermont: The Times Argus has more on the current standoff in Vermont over new climate change/energy efficiency legislation (H.520). Governor Jim Douglas (R) has vetoed the bill, and legislative leaders of the house and senate are working to override the veto. Vice-President Al Gore made an appearance via satellite last week and spoke out in favor of the legislation, encouraging legislators to pass the bill over the Governor's objections.

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