Thursday, April 02, 2009

Vermont legislative committees advance renewable energy bills

The Associated Press reports this morning that bills promoting renewable energy have advanced in the Vermont House and Senate.

One bill, (S. 54) (the House version is H. 161) authorizes municipalities to help finance certain renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The bill would allow a communities' voters to authorize the creation of "clean energy districts." Once a clean energy district is established, the community may incur debt to help finance renewable energy and energy efficiency projects located within the community's district.

The House Natural Resources and Energy Committee calendar indicates that the committee will continue working on the bill today and tomorrow. The House Committee's work also includes a proposal to require the Public Service Board to issue a standard contract for SPEED projects to facilitate Vermont's goal of generating 20% of the power consumed in the state from renewable projects by 2017. The bill calls for wind-power developers to get 20 cents per kilowatt-hour for the power they send to the grid; solar-power developers would get 25 cents.

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