Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Renewable Energy News, April 13, 2010

What the John Paul Stevens Retirement Means for Energy Progress | Grist
Jonathan Hiskes at Grist writes about the potential impact Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens' retirement might have on environmental and energy issues.
Europe Finds Cleaner Energy Source by Burning Trash - NYTimes.com
Denmark — The lawyers and engineers who dwell in an elegant enclave here are at peace with the hulking neighbor just over the back fence: a vast energy plant that burns thousands of tons of household garbage and industrial waste, round the clock. Far cleaner than conventional incinerators, this new type of plant converts local trash into heat and electricity. Dozens of filters catch pollutants, from mercury to dioxin, that would have emerged from its smokestack only a decade ago.
Efficiency Vermont’s Tips for Springtime Energy Savings | The Burlington Free Press | Burlington, Vermont
If the end of another Vermont winter makes you want to air the house and do a good spring cleaning, here are some great ways to get double duty out of all that effort.
Ex-GMP Chief Takes Helm at VELCO: Times Argus Online
Within the world of Vermont electric utilities, one of the most important jobs is the head of the Vermont Electric Power Co. or VELCO. Christopher Dutton, the former head of Green Mountain Power, has taken over that post, which had, until a few days ago, been held by John Donleavy.
Environmental and Energy RFPs and Funding Opportunities - Green Energy News
Looking for funding opportunities? Green Energy News has a good comprehensive list of current federal and state environmental and energy related RFPs and funding opportunities.
Should Renewable Energy Standards Be Met With In-State Resources? | The New Rules Project
As reported on Green, Inc. last week, the State of Connecticut is considering legislation that would reduce the requirements for the state renewable energy portfolio standard (RPS). The New Rules Project takes a closer look:
A legislative proposal in Connecticut (SB 463) would cut their existing renewable portfolio standard nearly in half from current levels, with the primary goal of keeping more of the economic benefits at home. The revised standard would require most of the standard to be met with in-state sources and creates a new financing program to support that goal.
Tufts Hosts Energy Conference This Weekend (April 16-17):
If you want to learn about any of these things —renewable energy, up-and-coming energy technologies, building cities efficiently and more — come to the Tufts Energy Conference this Friday and Saturday (April 16 and 17). It will explore how we can adapt our energy system to the challenges of today: a formidable challenge.

Looks like an interesting agenda.

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