Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Renewable Energy News, April 14, 2010

Anti-pollution device nets profits for Vt. biomass plant |
A wood-burning power plant in Burlington is celebrating its 25th birthday with an announcement that an anti-pollution device it installed in 2008 is paying off.

Burlington's municipal electric department says it installed a $10 million nitrogen oxide reduction system in the McNeil Generating Station in 2008 to cut pollution that leads to the creation in the atmosphere of a pollutant called ozone.

Doing so allowed it to sell renewable energy credits to Connecticut utilities required by law in that state to support the development of renewable energy.
House calls: Volunteers help keep out the cold | Rutland Herald Online
On a recent Saturday morning, Green Mountain College students Elliott Shor and Anthony Mango poke around the first floor of Charlene Rapinz' 19th-century home in Poultney. They test light bulbs, try out faucets and examine the windows. The goal is to save Rapinz some money and help her cut back on energy use. Making her home more energy efficient — and spreading the word about the benefits of weatherization projects like upgrading appliances, replacing windows and adding insulation — will help reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.
Renewable Energy Helps Fuel Dow Above 11,000 |
The benchmark Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 11,000 for the first time since stock markets began their nosedive 18 months ago. And the rebound in investor and trader confidence seems to be taking renewable energy and clean technology stocks with it.
Google Searches for Key to Energy Savings | National Geographic
Deep in the dark of the Minnesota night, some appliance was turning on and robbing Ed Kohler of hard-earned cash. He'd look later and see nighttime energy spikes reported by PowerMeter (Google software that monitors home electrical use).

“All the lights were out, but something's cycling,” said the 36-year-old Kohler, marketing manager at a Minneapolis web-development firm. “So I think about it and, aha, figure out it's the refrigerator.”

A 19-year-old refrigerator, a real energy hog by today's standards. It was easy to calculate that a new, energy-efficient model would pay for itself.
Nebraska law set to boost wind energy developments |
Governor Dave Heineman signed LB 1048 into law yesterday, establishing a system for the Nebraska Power Review Board to approve renewable energy projects that sell power out of state.
America’s hidden power bill | Climate Progress
The most important day of the year for the many energy companies that receive federal financial support isn’t the day the president releases his proposed budget, or the day appropriations bills get passed, or even the day when government checks get sent out. It’s tax day. Why? Because each tax day energy companies—electric utilities, oil refiners, renewable energy developers, coal miners, ethanol producers, and others—record billions of dollars worth of special tax credits and deductions.

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