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Renewable Energy News, April 28, 2010

Cape wind farm ruling coming today |
U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will today announce his decision on the controversial and much-debated wind farm proposed for Nantucket Sound off Cape Cod. Salazar will make his announcement at noon today in Boston at the State House along with Gov. Deval Patrick, a supporter of the project, Salazar's office said this morning.
Visit Seen as Sign That Cape Wind Farm to Be Approved -
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was headed to Boston on Wednesday to make a noon announcement on whether the Cape Wind project, the nation’s first offshore wind farm, off the coast of Cape Cod, will go forward.
Can world's largest laser zap Earth's energy woes? -
Scientists at a government lab here are trying to use the world's largest laser -- it's the size of three football fields -- to set off a nuclear reaction so intense that it will make a star bloom on the surface of the Earth. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's formula for cooking up a sun on the ground may sound like it's stolen from the plot of an "Austin Powers" movie. But it's no Hollywood fantasy: The ambitious experiment will be tried for real, and for the first time, late this summer. If they're successful, the scientists hope to solve the global energy crisis by harnessing the energy generated by the mini-star.
E.P.A. Makes Its Case on Climate Change - Green Blog -
In the last few days, the Environmental Protection Agency seems to have initiated a public campaign to make clear where it, and the science, stand, stating that the rise in greenhouse gases is a serious problem to be confronted.

On Monday night, the E.P.A. administrator, Lisa Jackson, made the point as a guest on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.” And on Tuesday, the agency released an 80-page glossy report called “Climate Change Indicators in the United States” to help Americans make sense of climate change data.
An Update on the Senate Climate Change Bill - E&ETV
Will the Senate take up immigration reform before climate and energy legislation? During today's OnPoint, E&E reporter Darren Samuelsohn discusses the latest developments in the Senate climate debate. He explains how Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) plans to proceed with climate negotiations and talks about alternatives to the Kerry-Graham-Lieberman bill.
Graham Likely To Return To The Fold, Says Media Report | Green Energy Reporter
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) could return to the fold and back the energy and climate change bill he abruptly walked away from on Friday evening, reports trade publication The Energy Daily.
Matt Wasson: Extreme Misinformation in the Washington Post: Actually, Wind Power has Reduced Denmark's CO2 Emissions a Lot
Readers of the Washington Post were served up some jaw-dropping whoppers yesterday about why renewable energy - and wind in particular - supposedly doesn't reduce CO2 emissions, increase our national security, or create jobs in the US. The author of the op-ed is climate change denier and long time fossil fuel cheerleader Robert Bryce. Bryce's piece was part of the Post's "5 Myths" series, which invites readers every Sunday to "challenge everything you think you know." While challenging everything you think you know is generally a good idea, it's not a good idea to replace what you know with what Bryce thinks he knows because, as it turns out, he doesn't know much about renewable energy.
Exclusive video: Sir Richard Branson on the Carbon War Room, peak oil, and why dyslexia has made him a better communicator « Climate Progress
Late last year, Sir Richard Branson founded a new nonprofit, the Carbon War Room. The objective of CWR is to “bring together successful entrepreneurs in collaboration with the most respected institutions, scientists, national security experts, and business leaders to implement the change required to avoid catastrophic climate change.”
EERE News: DOE Offers More Than $200 Million for Solar and Water Power
DOE announced on April 22 that it will invest more than $200 million over five years to expand and accelerate the development, commercialization, and use of solar and water power technologies throughout the United States.
How to be a New Energy economy powerhouse |
Take a state, any state. What would transform that state into a New Energy economy powerhouse?

NewEnergyNews discusses the recommendations from a recent Clean Edge report - A Future of Innovation and Growth: Advancing Massachusetts' Clean-Energy Leadership (April 22, 2010, Clean Edge).

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