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Renewable Energy News, May 5, 2010

Google’s Energy Foray: What’s Up? - Green Blog -
Companies like Google and Facebook capitalize on the power of user data, scouring our e-mail messages and profiles for keywords that can result in lucrative targeted advertising. Google is explicit about its mission “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Now it is laying out plans to become a leader in capturing, owning, tracking and trading energy. Recently the company announced a $38.8 million investment in two wind farm projects in North Dakota, as our friends at Dealbook noted.
Want jobs? We can get them from clean energy (Reps. Inslee and Israel) - The Hill's Congress Blog
As we await introduction in the Senate of comprehensive energy and climate legislation consistent with the American Clean Energy and Security Act passed by the House ten months ago, it is time to focus on other critical steps that Congress can take to harness American innovation to create millions of jobs as part of our new clean energy economy.
Oil spill emboldens Georgia wind-energy advocates |
Last Wednesday, as the magnitude of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico grew starker, environmentalists were handed the perfect weapon to fight drilling off the Georgia coast. Their clean-energy hopes were buoyed further by the Obama administration’s approval that same day of a massive wind-turbine farm off Massachusetts - a welcome impetus for proposed wind-energy projects off Tybee and Jekyll islands.
Wildlife Rulings Challenge Wind Farms | Renewable Energy World
Two recent high-profile decisions on wind development and wildlife mean that developers looking to develop wind farms on sites considered endangered bat territory in the Eastern United States might consider getting an Incidental Take Permit (ITP) to eliminate any risk, while Wyoming's sage grouse rules still dominate in Western U.S.
Connecticut Legislature Passes Energy Bill | Solar Industry
The Connecticut House of Representatives has passed an energy bill that includes provisions to expand the production of solar energy and other forms of renewable energy. The House’s approval, by a vote of 81-40, follows state Senate approval, by a vote of 20-14, earlier this week. However, the bill may not have enough votes to overcome a potential veto by Gov. M. Jodi Rell, R-Conn., the Hartford Courant reports. Rell's aides have recently expressed concerns about the bill and its potential impact on electric rates, while the bill's sponsors, co-chairmen of the legislature's energy committee - Sen. John Fonfara, D-Hartford, and Rep. Vickie Nardello, D-Prospect - maintain that it will lower rates by 15%.
GE Biogas Engines Bring World’s Largest Cow Manure To Energy Project To Life | EarthTechling
Biogas production from cow manure is certainly nothing new in the field of renewable energy. Never before though, apparently, has a project unfolding in China been undertaken on such a large scale: 250,000 cows (!) producing enough cow poo to generate 38,000 MWh a year of converted biogas. At the heart of the new Liaoning Huishan Cow Farm will be four biogas engines from GE.
Renewable energy transmission line debate heats up - POWER-GEN WorldWide
Xcel Energy says it might have to reduce the amount of solar power it buys in Colorado over the next few years because a hedge fund manager does not want a transmission line built over land he owns. The utility, along with project partner Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, requested May 4 to cancel a hearing on the proposed power line. The utility said it wants to amend the plan it filed with the state to meet a renewable standard. The Denver Business Journal reported the story. Xcel and Tri-State are working on a 140-mile, $180 million transmission line in south-central Colorado to transmit power generated from planned solar developments in parts of Colorado and New Mexico. Solar project developers say they are unable to obtain financing because of uncertainty over the transmission line.
Southern California Edison boosts renewable energy grid access |
The Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project is the first major transmission project in the state to be built specifically to provide access to renewable energy. When complete, it will comprise a series of high-voltage power lines stretching from eastern Kern County to the city of Ontario in San Bernardino County, bringing wind and solar power in from the California desert to the Los Angeles area. The first part of the project saw the first three of 11 segments completed, providing 700MW of capacity. When complete, it will bring in 4,500MW of renewable power.
EERE News: EPA and USDA to Promote Renewable Energy Generation from Livestock
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced a new interagency agreement on May 3 to promote renewable energy generation and slash greenhouse gas emissions from livestock operations. The agreement expands the work of the AgStar program, a joint EPA-USDA effort that helps livestock producers reduce methane emissions from their operations.

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