Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Renewable Energy News, August 31, 2011

Japan Creates Major Feed-In Tariff for Renewable Energy
In a major breakthrough for the feed-in tariff movement worldwide, Japan's upper chamber has approved a new law implementing a feed-in tariff policy for renewable energy.

The law, which goes into effect next July, sets a target of 30,000 MW of new renewable development within the next decade, nearly five times the 6,500 MW of wind, solar, and geothermal power currently operating in the country.

The move has global implications, as the world's third largest economy follows that of the world's second-largest economy, China, and the world's fourth-largest economy, Germany, in implementing feed-in tariffs in order to rapidly develop renewable energy.
Biden calls for new clean energy policy for US
The United States can't lead the world in the 21st century with its current energy policy, Vice President Joe Biden told alternative technology supporters Tuesday at a clean energy summit in Las Vegas.

The nation is already trailing China and Germany in green technology, Biden said. It will trade its dependence on foreign oil for a dependence on foreign clean energy technology if its leaders don't act to help fledging green researchers and businesses, he said.

"If we shrink from deciding whether we are going to lead in the area of alternative energy, renewable energy, then we will be making the biggest mistake that this nation has made in its history," Biden said during his keynote speech at the fourth-annual National Clean Energy Summit at the Aria hotel-casino.
Solar Stunner: America is a $1.9 Billion Exporter of Solar Products
With all the stories about China dominating the solar photovoltaics (PV) manufacturing sector, you might not think that America is a net exporter of solar products. But it is — to the tune of $1.8 billion. That’s a $1 billion increase over net exports documented in the solar sector last year.

In fact, a report released this morning from GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association found that the U.S. has a $247 million trade surplus with China.
US Governors Ask Obama to Boost Wind Energy
A coalition of 24 US governors from the major parties and each region of the country has asked the administration to take steps to provide a more favourable business climate for the expansion of wind energy according to the American Wind Energy Association.

Demands are being made for a 7-year extension of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) and the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) to provide consistent, low tax rates for wind energy.

A letter from the governors, sent last month to the White House, has since been made public by the Governors Wind Energy Coalition.
Competition brewing among states over renewable energy exports
If Nevada wants to be the global “epicenter of renewable energy,” as Gov. Brian Sandoval put it on Tuesday, it’s going to have some competition with its neighbors.

While Sandoval, California Gov. Jerry Brown, and Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire spoke at Tuesday’s National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas about cooperative ventures to improve energy efficiency production and supply, it’s clear no state’s leader wants to appear too dependent on the others.

“How much we import has to be balanced with how much we’re building locally...Hopefully we can be an exporter,” Brown said. “We’re going to try to build as much indigenously as we can.”

Gregoire said she wants Washington to be a producer, as well.

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